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PySCeS CBMPy is a new platform for constraint based modelling and analysis. It has been designed using principles developed in the PySCeS simulation software project: usability, flexibility and accessibility. Its architecture is both extensible and flexible using data structures that are intuitive to the biologist (metabolites, reactions, compartments) while transparently translating these into the underlying mathematical structures needed for advanced analysis (LP's, MILP's).

PySCeS CBMPy implements popular analyses such as FBA, FVA, element/charge balancing, network analysis and model editing as well as advanced methods developed specifically for the ecosystem modelling: minimal distance methods, flux minimization and input selection.

To cater for a diverse range of modelling needs PySCeS CBMPy supports user interaction via:

For more information on the development and use of PySCeS-CBM feel free to contact us: