PySCeS: The Python Simulator for Cellular SystemsPySCeS: the Python Simulator for Cellular Systems

PySCeS download area (add-on modules and related software)

PySCeS software

Mac Windows (64 bit)* Windows (32 bit)** Src
PySCeS 0.9.6 (view all files)
Previous release
PySCeS 0.9.5 (view all files)
PySCeS 0.9.1        

*  64 bit Binaries are built on Windows 8.1 using 64bit MinGW GCC distributed as part of Anaconda Python
**   Available on request

PySCeS dependencies (required for running/building)

PySCeS is available from various code repositories

PyPI: "pip install pysces" or "easy_install pysces"
Anaconda: "conda install -c bgoli -c sbmlteam pysces"

It is highly recommended to using the amazing Anaconda Python distribution which contains all the dependencies (with the exception of libSBML) required to run and or build PySCeS, both 32 and 64 bit. If using Anaconda be sure to install the mingw packages (conda install mingw). Alternatives are Enthough Canopy and Python (x,y).
The following usually installed by default when using the Anaconda/Enthought/Python(x,y) distributions
Python: PySCeS has been tested with Python versions 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7
NumPy: compatible with versions newer than 1.2.1
SciPy: compatible with versions newer than 0.7, tested with 0.8, 0.9, 0.10 and 0.11
Matplotlib: the default plotting interface requires versions 0.98 or newer (requires the TKagg backend)

Optional addon packages (required for extended functionality)

libSBML: PySCeS requres libSBMLfor SBML support and is highly recommended to install. Fortunately the libSBML team has made installing the SBML Python bindings really easy: either download and install a binary installer from below or try: pip install python-libsbml under Linux)
libSBML Python 2.7 bindings (download and install) 64 bit Python 32 bit Python
Gnuplot: PySCeS supports GnuPlot version 4 as an alternative plotting interface (includes 3D plotting)
The following packages are part of the standard Anaconda/Enthought/Python(x,y) distributions
IPython interactive shell (under Windows install the pyreadline and pywin32 packages first)
Pyreadline (tab completion for IPython, requires ctypes for Python 2.4)
Pywin32 (needed for Windows IPython install)